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1) DGT Status
2) 'Analitikul' Website Launched!
3) New Products at DGT Onlinestore
4) Upcoming: DGTv Season 2
5) Upcoming: DGT720


As technology advances, so must we. One of my biggest goalz in life has alwayz been to enable Da Ghetto Tymz magazine to outlive me. For almost 14 yearz and 116 issues, DGT has survived the ever-growing magazine publishing industry.

14 yearz is an achievement for me because we did it with no advertising dollarz! If you look at most magazines’ and newspaperz, you will find without advertiserz, they wouldn’t be able to remain in business.

As controversial a publication as DGT is, I knew it would be quite difficult to land advertiserz. I knew this comin’ in. Which is Y we created other vehicles like our line of products found on our onlinestore, to enable us to exist.

Bein' honest, it's hard to push paperz in the dayz of this technological internet-based boom. I’ll also admit that when I decided to start DGT back in 1993, I didn’t have a business plan, I had an emotional vendetta; I wanted to create an outlet for Afrikanz to read ‘alternative information.’ Over the yearz, I’ve learned printing a magazine is a business – that’s if you want to stay alive.

More and more I realized we were approaching a crossroad. I had to make a business decision, not an emotional one. I say this because I know many still prefer to have somethin’ in their handz to read rather than stare at a computer screen. And I know, although it's 2007, many of our people STILL do not have internet access. But it’s the future I have to think about. As we speak, hedz are able to download tv showz and watch on their computer. The future, no the present is now!

For DGT to survive, better business decisionz have to be made. See, if DGT is a hobby (and it isn’t), then finances would not be a problem, therefore I wouldn’t have to worry about the financial repercussionz of publishing a magazine. But, like many of you, I am not in line to heir a line of wealth from my family, and I’m not a lottery player.

This is a business and to continue to exist as a business, one must turn a profit. One must continue to search for wayz that will lower costs while at the same tyme expand readership.

The publishing industry is shaky. One month you may make your quota in subscriptionz, the next you won't. And with limited distribution, it's hard to gather new subscriberz.

One major obstacle has been distribution. To date, there simply aren’t enuff Afrikan bookstores or bodega’s to enable us to reach hedz. Havin' limited outlets has alwayz been an Achilles for our Marketing department.

In order for an issue to get in your handz, a consistent sum of money is needed to make this happen. As a business, one’s goal should be to make it back and hopefully turn a profit so that you can print additional issues.

Havin’ no advertisement to assist in covering these costs, we've countered by developing products to offset the cost of the hardcopy edition, and although our sales are up, the magazine itself takes away from those profits. This just doesn’t make business-sense.

The blessing is we’ve been fortunate to keep pace with the internet’s growin’ technology. Before the internet really caught on in the mid-1990s, we already had a website; while hedz were still lookin’ at lecture videos on VHS and before homemade DVD videos were made, we already released several DVD lectures; and month’s before there was a YouTube or MySpace where you could watch video online, we released DGTv.

Each quarter our web stats grow an average 15-20% provin’ the power to reach hedz around the globe is more fact than theory. So I know where the future lies, people are relyin’ more on gettin’ their information off the internet rather than wait for the next printed edition. Todayz newspaperz can’t release current newz fast enuff, settling to recap yesterdayz events (which they alwayz have), whereas with the internet, you can log on to your favorite site and get breakin’ newz as it happenz.

So! Effective January 2007, DGT will be published digitally as an e-zine (electronically) four-to-six editionz per calendar year with an increase of two-to-four additional issues in 2008. The site (Daghettotymz.com) itself will be updated on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. We will also print up to four hardcopy editionz this year and make a final decision of DGTs hardcopy future by June 1st.

Please note this will in no way affect our current subscriberz. If you subscribed prior to January 2007, you will receive all six issues you paid for. We ask for all our current subscriberz to email us with your full name, address and email address so that we can set your account up at esubscriber@daghettotymz.com. You will receive detailz on the status of yoru subscription shortly thereafter.

All digital e-zine subscriptionz will be $10.00 USD (int'l $15.00 USD) for the year.

We believe movin’ towardz a web-based magazine will be beneficial to DGT as a magazine and more importantly, you, the reader!

Some perks to our e-zine include the speed at which you will have access to each issue. As an e-subscriber, you will have exclusive access to areas of our site our regular free userz will not, like select articles, video and audio lectures, podcasts, interactive and video archives as well as inside access to interviewz and other ‘behind-the-scenes’ newz. This will be called ‘DGT720’ where you’ll have access to 720 degreez of knowledge and information.

In addition, our e-zine allowz you to build your own collection of archived DGTs. As we all know, newspaperz and magazines have limited shelf life.

This process will be simple. As each edition becomes available, all e-subscriberz will receive notification via email with both a limited link to download the edition as well as password-protected page to view online. You will be able to read it in Adobe Acrobat as well as the new FlashPaper. The same scenario will happen with exclusive releases on the site.

It is our hope that you see this as a re-birth into the new age of technology where you will be able to obtain ‘conscious-alternative-thought’ information in both an interactive and edutainable way.

We hope you will continue to support us as we continue to create products and innovative wayz for you to have access to Knowledge of Self!


M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi
CEO & Creator
Da Ghetto Tymz magazine
DGTv: Conscious Webvision

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With the release of M'Bwebe Ishangi's first book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz' set for release late winter/early spring, Nebulution Studios is proud to announce the website launch!

Logon today and read an excerpt! Click here or cut and paste this address: http://daghettotymz.com/analitikul/analitikul.html

Book release soon come!!

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Subscribe to DGT, purchase Season 1 of DGTv on DVD, download our VAs (Video Articles) and Inner-viewz! All this can be done at our newly updated DGT onlinestore. Visit us today! Click here or cut and paste this address: http://daghettotymz.com/onlinestore/onlinestore.html

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The countdown to the ground-breaking followup season of DGTv is set for February 28th! DGTv Season 2 lineup will feature VAs (Video Articles):

- "Canola Oil: A Drop of Death"
- "The Making of DGTv"
- "Numerical Mystereez"
- "The Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet"
- "White Sugar: The Mark of Cane"

- featured music video by Faro-Z, "Shine Like This"

The countdown is on... February 28th! Stay tuned!

View Season 1 today! Click here or cut and paste this address: http://daghettotymz.com/dgtv/dgtv.html

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DGT720 will join the DGT NTR-Prizes, LLC family as a sister-site to DaGhettoTymz.com where you get the wholistic truth or better yet, a 720-degree view on issues pertaining to the Diaspora by watching and/or listening to Podcast’s, Video blogz and inner-viewz. Set to debut April 1, 2007. So don't be an (April) fool, make sure you logon April 1st!

To get a peek, click here or cut and paste this address: http://daghettotymz.com/dgt720/main.html

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