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Who IZ the Boulé?

This book details over twenty years of research and first-hand experience with the intent of “offering a side of organized academic and cultural intelligentsia responsible for the derailment of Afrikan people toward self-reliance from Alexander the (not so) Great to W.E.B. DuBois.

T.I.M.E.: The Inner Minds Eye

Many haven't put much stock into what goes on outside the Earth's atmosphere... but that does not mean nothings goin' on. There's a whole 'nother' concept of time few of us allow ourselves to experience... The Inner Mind's Eye.

A Pot to Piss In

Author, M'Bwebe Ishangi explores the cryptic (or hidden) practices of wealth building shared by numerous wealthy families for over 200 years. Whereas before we weren't privy to the strategic conversation of using money as as tool to work for us instead of we working for it.

Athletes Can Spark Da Revolution! Will They?

There’s a storm coming that has cultural meteorologists scrambling to control it. Systemic damage control units have been deployed to daze the consciousness of a sleeping giant. But the target isn't a pastor or politician. It's the Black Athlete!

Urban Unrest - Remnants of Slavery in New York

Lower Manhattan is sacred ground, but not for what happened on September 11, 2001. Wall Street would not be without the forced free labor, which included the starvation and death of tenz-if not hundredz-of-thousandz of Afrikanz brought here against their will.

The Classified Origin of D.C.

The founding pirates of this country showed their enormous affinity toward ancient Kemet. Historian, Anthony Browder reveals the Afrikan influence with his tours in D.C. This Video Article gives a complimentary look.

Fallen Star

I was on the internet and cried like a baby as I saw the frail figure of someone who I learned a grea deal about the Boule’, Steve Cokely. What was sad was how he quicly deteriorated and it got me to thinking about the evolution of life.

Who Killed MLK?: The Question Remainz

Every January, we hear the "I Have A Dream" speech, but if you research this still mysterious murder, you'll find it continues to be a nightmare! While most accepted, there are those that knew there was another side of the story that wasn't been told.

Sankofa Kemetamorphosis: Ancestral Calling...

The fusion of ‘Kemet’ and ‘morphosis’. Two words and concept that culminate the Afrikan equivalence to Muslims’ Hajj to Mecca or a Christians’ pilgrimage to Bethlehem; a re-membering (or putting back together) of our past giving us the tools to pave a more clear future.

When Knowledge Became Kryptonite

We've all heard we come from great Kings and Queens, but how did we lose it? Somehow, we just messed up but we never discuss it. This is unsatisfactory to me, so I studied to find out exactly how...